What is WA Wines to the World?

This is an industry-led export partnership coordinated by Wines of Western Australia in conjunction with Hydra Consulting, with funding support provided by the Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development (DPIRD). 

Aims and Objectives

The partnership aims to double the volume of annual WA wine exports from 10% to 20%; increase the value to $12 per litre from the current average of $10.61; and in addition increase the number of WA wine producers that are successfully exporting.  In achieving these objectives, the program will be instrumental in supporting WA to build stronger, more resilient and diverse markets.

Program Activities

‘WA Wines to the World’ has commenced the identification of project partnerships, target markets for export, preferred supply chains and the creation of market development strategies. Export activations are scheduled to commence in June 2021.

Over 55 WA wine producers have signed up to the program and have collaboratively identified areas of common interest, including: 

  • How to best approach brand messaging for our regions within a broader Western Australian context
  • Getting the balance right between brand building and sales-based activities
  • How smaller and larger producers can both benefit under the program
  • Markets that can potentially step-up to replace lost sales in China
  • The types of collaborative activities that might be considered under the program

Get in touch

For general enquiries, please contact [email protected]

For further tourism information, please contact the following regional wine associations: