Annual Reports

Annual Report 2019-20

It is difficult to reflect on the 2019-20 financial year without allowing COVID 19 to dominate the narrative. The impact of it cannot be ignored and all businesses have been affected to some degree. This is true for WoWA as well. As our remit is to ensure the best operational environment for WA producers, restrictions on movement and business operations arising from COVID 19 related restrictions have been significant.

Annual Report 2018-19

At a commonwealth level this past 2018-19 year was dominated by the federal election. WoWA engaged with the major political parties focusing on workable alcohol related health policy. Issues such as mandatory pregnancy labelling and other broad population-based initiatives, while primarily a national issue, must also be addressed at state and regional level.

Annual Report 2017-18

In the last twelve months, WoWA has continued to develop a tax policy position that can be supported by all WA producers. While significant positive change to WET legislation was affected in 2016, there is no doubt we need to be proactive about actively advocating for a simpler and fairer structure into the future.

Annual Report 2016-17

In the last twelve months, WoWA achieved significant outcomes in delivering benefits to WA producers. We campaigned hard in Canberra, with significant help from Senator Dean Smith, Senator Mathias Cormann, Christian Porter MP, Nola Marino MP and Rick Wilson MP. WA producers were facing the unpalatable situation of seeing the WET rebate reduced from $500,000 to $290,000

Annual Report 2015-16

Expect the unexpected is the theme for the year that was. Donald Trump’s nomination as Republican candidate and the Coalition Governments WET Reform announcements are examples of this. Our results with our fine wines are not unexpected. We continue to lead the way in Australia in wine quality.

Annual Report 2014-15

With all the green shoots appearing before the industry via Free Trade Agreements and a favourable exchange rate, we have a mountain of work ahead of us to get back on the international shelf and dinner table. Everything we are working on has a recurring theme of increasing profitability across the value chain.

Annual Report 2013-14

We are enthusiastic about our future. We have addressed many challenges within our organisation and I would like to thank Larry Jorgenson and Jodie Pannell for their hard work and can do attitude. We have fresh faces on the board and this new blood is bringing great thought leadership for us into the future. In particular Anthony Wilkes, Chris Furtado, Colin Bell and Bryan Saunders (as the executive committee) have been very supportive and keep this ship focused on what is best for the whole industry.