Vision & Mission

Wines of Western Australia provides support to producers and Regional Associations in the development of their regions through the following activities:


  • ensuring government and its relevant agencies understand the position of WA wine producers on key issues.
  • securing resources and funding to build strengths across the value chain.


  • developing strong relationships with relevant government agencies, synergistic industries and other groups for the benefit of WA wine producers.
  • enhancing the reputation of the WA wine industry in all markets


  • management of projects that benefit WA wine producers.
  • support for Regional Associations in providing services for their members.


  • ensuring that WA wine producers receive accurate and timely information that is relevant to their business.
  • ensuring that accurate and timely information about the WA wine industry is available to government and its relevant agencies, synergistic industries and the community.

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For general enquiries, please contact [email protected].

For further tourism information, please contact the following regional wine associations:



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