Strict border controls are in place to limit the spread of COVID-19. The enforcement and management of these restrictions are the responsibility of WA Police. Due to these additional requirements and the ongoing closure of state and national borders, WA wineries are encouraged to be organised early for their upcoming workforce needs.

The Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development (DPIRD) is strongly urging all businesses to proactively plan for ways that their workforces can be filled by WA residents.

To this end, DPIRD is encouraging all businesses to register upcoming employment opportunities within the primary industries through This is a DPIRD-funded job matching platform which will be free for users until November 2021. Please register your vacancies on this platform as far ahead as possible to give the best chances of a match.

This will be supported by a new campaign to target 18-30 year old Western Australians, encouraging them to seize the opportunity to travel and work around WA.

The campaign will also encourage employers to re-think the way they employ workers and look to locals to fill these roles. See below for further detail on the campaign and how your business can leverage it to source your required workforce.

For those that have been unsuccessful in sourcing employees within WA, consider the following advice and plan as far ahead as possible.

  • If an individual wants to come into WA from overseas they must meet requirements of both the Australian Government and the WA Government. These are two separate processes managed by two different agencies, and are the responsibility of the applicant.
  • Those permitted to enter WA will very likely require 14 days of self-quarantine in an adequate facility. Businesses should consider this in their workforce planning.
  • DPIRD recommends individuals obtain pre-approval to enter WA, before booking flights.
  • People entering from Victoria or NSW (including transiting) have additional requirements, please plan your travel accordingly.
  • It is likely that accommodation will be scarce, so another good reason to plan ahead.
  • People relocating to WA will be considered more favourably than temporary stays, however this is also not guaranteed. The focus is on reducing cross border movement and keeping jobs within the State.

For further information on all WA COVID Matters:

The best place to access all WA COVID-19 matters is

This site includes:

  • the latest advice on entering WA;
  • FAQs on persons entering from NSW or Victoria (including transiting);
  • How to apply for an exemption to enter WA;
  • entering WA from overseas; and
  • Information regarding paying for your own quarantine.