The Western Australian wine community celebrated the end of a promising 2023 vintage at Frasers’ State Reception Centre on Wednesday 17 May hosted by Wines of WA. Wines of WA CEO, Larry Jorgensen said, “The season was typified by a cool wet spring followed by a consistent summer with no significant heat extremes and low disease pressure, boding well for flavour development and an excellent vintage.”

“The WA wine community is an important part of regional WA economies. We grow grapes, transform them into high-value wine and sell direct to consumers – all in region. Our partnership with the McGowan Government supports the development of the WA wine industry through research and development, international market development and biosecurity delivered by the Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development (DPIRD).”

A significant output of this partnership was launched at the end of vintage celebration. DPIRD’s ‘Geology, soils and climate of WA’s wine regions’ publication provides technical information for wine producers to convey the special characteristics of WA’s wine regions and differentiate WA wines from other regions both nationally and internationally.

Supporting research led by DPIRD is examining the sensory attributes and elemental composition of wines that are heavily influenced by the soils and climate in the region. This work is funded through the Wine Industry Export Growth Partnership, a collaboration between industry and government and as part of the Future Food Systems Corporative Research Centre. Minister for Regional Development, Hon. Don Punch noted, “the McGowan Government is working hand-in-hand with industry to capitalise on the tremendous opportunities for WA wine through the Wine Industry Export Growth Partnership, which has been active for the past two years.

“This industry-led program is beginning to see dividends with WA wine exports increasing in value by around 7 per cent ($2.4 million) in 2022, despite it being a particularly challenging year.

“There have been great steps to define the regional identity of our fine wine producing areas, and this is setting Western Australia apart.”